Saturday, 8 September 2012

Pokemon Glitchy Red: More Thoughts!

     Hello everyone. Assuming you all watched the video above let's begin with what I think about Glitchy Red. I thought it was a very good creepypasta and was glad that it didn't harbor any of the faults and cliches of other creepypastas, you know with their killer dolls and demonic games straight from your neighborhood flea market! One thing I really liked about this creepypasta was the use of a self-aware AI. If it's not too obvious yet self-aware AI's can be very, very creepy with some examples including BEN from majora's mask and SHODAN from System Shock 2. 
Bricks will be sh*t!

The use of RED in this creepypasta was very unique and was something I never really expected from a Pokemon creepypasta and honestly kept me wondering what would RED do to the player and I was glad that RED didn't slaughter everyone in Viridian City just because he couldn't find some coffee for the dear old man. If it's one thing I didn't like about this it's the dialogue and ending, seriously it was incredibly cheesy and kept my palm glued to my face for countless hours. I know I mentioned this in the video already but in all honesty it's true I mean read a quote from the player as he spoke to RED in the game

"This is the end now Red. But you know, I’m not angry or hurt or annoyed at you for what you did. You were the hero once, you made the series. But even if you are no longer the hero of the newer games, many fans still hold you in high regards. Many miss you in games. I know you hate the world for what it’s done but you must remember this, Millions of fans still love you and would love to see you return to Pokémon. Your team loves you as well. Never forget you are still the main hero of Pokémon no matter what." 

     You see why it's so cheesy! I wish the author would have kept the ending a little darker, I mean their's nothing wrong with a happy ending but it just seems so off or maybe the horror movie director in my mind is telling me that if I were the player I should burn the cartridge and run away from an explosion while staring back at the burning plastic as I slowly recover from the trauma. In conclusion that's really all I got to say about this creepypasta and what my thoughts are about it and now I would like to hear your thoughts as well so please write in the comments below what you would rate it and why and what other creepypasta you would like us talk about next episode and also if you want us to write about something that's going on in the world of gaming or even make a video about it! Thanks for reading everyone and by the way if you're still scared relax by looking at the picture below!
Don't worry Magikarp's been saying this for decades now!


  1. Hey Mudahar (sorry if I misspelled your name) you should write your own creepypasta. After reading all of these stories, you should know what works and what doesn't. I bet you could make a dang good story! Like, you could tie it in with your youtube channel and stuff. That's something I would read!

  2. I am sure you will be able to make a good creepypasta based on Pokemon. If you are going to write one, then I suggest a setting of Pokemon Mansion or Mt.Pyre from generation III. Those seem to be a really good setting. Lavender town is way over used and so many pastas leech of one another. All in all, great job with this week's episode!

  3. Loved this pasta. I hope you can get more people in so there can be a rise in video uploads.

  4. You should do pokemon cursed diamond or tarnished gold.

  5. I think they changed the ending, because it's not the same as the one I read.