Thursday, 6 September 2012

Hello everyone welcome to Sognation, this is our very first blogpost... don't know what we should write about... lol! If you have any ideas what we should talk about feel free to tell us, or if we should talk more about the creepypastas we review or just talk about anything in general!


  1. Play LSD dream emulator if you could that would be cool i don't care who does just prepare to shit bricks!

  2. Hello, i'm have an idea for a creepy pasta its an earthbound:

    The player was very fond of EarthBound since he was a young child,
    decided to try and relive his childhood by buying the game back.
    He first darted down to his friends house who he knew was a retro video game collecter
    to ask if he had a copy.The player's friend said no because he most likely didnt like it
    as much as the player did, but he lent him his snes in case he ever found a copy.
    The player decided to go to a pawn shop to find one and he did to his amazement.
    The clerk who was selling him the game said that it came in a long time ago,
    and the man who had sold him the game looked scared and in a rush. The player asked
    if the clerk had investaged but the clerk said that it wasnt any of his business so he
    disregarded it. The player decided to throw caution to the wind and buy said
    earthbound. He noticed that the game was beat up and looked as though someone put a hammer against it
    He was worried if it even worked.
    As he put the game in the snes it booted up normal and had a save file already titled
    simply ENJOY. The player then deleted it and made his file named Ness. As the player
    progessed through the story some things were different such as enemies not attacking
    and always running away from Ness. The man who usually takes Ness' picture would
    say nothing but 4 periods and Ness would not pose. The player disregarded this
    because his memory of the game was probobly shifty and unreliable. As he reached
    the town with the happy happy cult, things where different the clut members color pallete had been
    swoped for a red color and if he talked to one of the members they would call
    Ness master. The player also disregarded this, when Ness would go for Paula
    She would say NO NEVER. The music stopped, the screen went black and a scream was heard. He went to get the
    his other to team mates but the cycle would repeat but the scream would get
    louder every time. When the player reached the mr saturn domain there was nothing
    but burnt grass and one mr saturn that would say all lost, all is gone is me next?
    The player now was at giygas' realm but there was no giygas to be
    found, only Pokey, when the The player talked to him he told Ness, that all that is
    darkness is now Ness, and that you have caused thee end of all. The player turned
    the game off this was not the game he remembered as a child. As the player slept that
    night all he could see was Ness' nightmare with bloody eyes as it said Its over Its over. The player would wake up in violent
    fits and relised it was most likely the game. He took the game outside and ran over it with his car.
    As the player went back inside his home to find that his Snes was on, in it was the destroyed earthbound cartridge
    and was on the file select screen. His file was gone and all that was there was IT.... IS.... and OVER.
    The player could not believe it he knew he smashed the game, the player could feel a slight draft,
    he relucantly picked up the controller as he loaded the top file. There he could see paula, jeff, and poo all laying down
    in the mr saturn domain covered in fire and blood. Ness then walked out of the fire and said 4 periods.
    The player then started to see colors and patterns simialar to the battle background but faster and more violent.
    The player then took a hammer from his kitchen as though he was possessed constantly saying it is over,
    and began smashing his fingers with it as he began to fome at the mouth
    his friend who he had lent the snes to him suddenly darted into the room having heard load bangs
    and tried to stop him but the player bashed him in the head with the hammer killing him.
    The police then arrived at the player's house his friend called the police probobly thinking its was a robbery
    The player was put in a mental hospital after apperantaly suffering from an exterme LSD trip. He was found dead
    later after chewing through his restriants and biting off his wrists, and writing IT IS OVER on the walls in blood.

    hope you enjoy thank you

  3. could you make a video about this?

  4. Plague inc.
    Day 1:My name is Zack and I recently bought a game on the App Store called plague inc. it's a very fun game where you are a plague and you have to evolve your plague and destroy humanity there are many types of plagues even more fun and difficult than the last....
    Day 2:I recently beat the game but I still played it almost everyday it's really addicting...
    Day 3:I'm pretty confused on the news today this lady died of a mysterious plague they said the plague died with the body but that's not the creepy part the lady had the same symptoms of my latest plague...
    Day 4:I gotten over the shock from yesterday it's not like I caused it right???I am still kinda creeped out...
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:
    Day 8:Nothing has happened the past four days I recommended the game to my friends they seem to enjoy it...
    Day 9:one of my friends just died I saw it happen with my own eyes first it was a cough then multiple cysts appeared then more until his organs failed and he passed...
    Day 10:I figured out the games catch every time you win you infect someone in real life all my friends have stoped playing except my brother....
    Day 11:I think I'm infected my bro just finished his latest game I'm in so much pain it's unbearable spread the word of this game before you too fall ill from the game
    Day 12:This is Zack's brother I should off listened to him it's too late now but since I lost him why should I stop playing?? I will keep playing till everyone is gone...
    That was my first attempt at a creepypasta if you could do a video on this that would be awesome and that game is a real game on the App Store

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  6. Hey mutahar! I hope you read this and like it, it's a pokepasta about a pokemon named absol, on of my favorites. I knew you might Wana read this so the link is below and my username for YouTube is gamerpony555 and I hope you enjoy!

  7. Hello Mustafar, I would like it if you do a Creepy pasta on N's Rage. It's another Pok├ęPasta but I think it's pretty cool. Just go on the creepy pasta wiki and search N's Rage.

  8. Dear Mutahar,
    I have a blog here, but that's not what I'm coming to ask of you. I am a fan of someordinarygamers on youtube, and love to watch you're creepypastas. (That how I learned of them is by watching your readings.) Well one of your resent shittypastas, "He wants his Mama", made me interested in fixing it. I am currently almost done and wish that if you could do an episode reading it, and rating it? I'm still a beginner in creepypastas writing and wish to get an honest critique. So if you would like to, I'd like it if you'd read my adaptation of "He wants his Mama".

  9. Hey Mutahar,
    I finished the remake of 'He wants his Mama'. The link is here:
    I very much hope that you could do an episode on youtube for this remake. I would love that! And even if you can't I'm still a big fan. Keep doing what you're doing and I'll keeping on watching.