Thursday, 27 June 2013

Xbox One DRM Reversal + Plan for next-generation!

You asked me about what I felt about the policy changes and well... here it is! As far as gaming goes I think it definitely will be a capable machine with plenty of games throughout it's lifespan and since this draconian DRM is gone I think purchasing one will be easier to swallow, what do you think?


  1. I dont know how to link this too you soo i just kinda put it here sorry

    I wrote this and would like you to read this and let me know how good/bad it is i like it myself and i hope you enjoy it

  2. Hey! Ever since I stumbled upon one of your creepypasta videos on youtube, I have been an avid follower. However, I just recently found this blog. I am unfamiliar with blogspot, so I apologize if I am asking a dumb question, but how do I subscribe to your blog?
    I am a fan of yours because of your sense of humor, down to earth nature, and love of gaming-- and you are humble with your videos. If you read a bad creepypasta, you explain how it could have been improved rather than making the author of the piece in question hate themselves. For that, I respect you. Would be great to hear back from you! Thanks for reading this.

  3. Hey Mutahar I have been watching you for like 1 maybe 2 years now and since you have been posting more non-gaming creepypastas recently I was wondering if you could do the No End house creepy pasta. CreepsMcPasta has done a video on it and it is the best one I have heard over all here is the link to the Pasta